Temple Lifts

Temple lifts

ACQUIRED: July 2023


INDUSTRY: Lift maintenance and modernisation

Temple Lifts is a solid business that has built a strong reputation for technical expertise and exceptional client service. We are looking forward to supporting the management team as they take the business into a new era of growth and profitability.
- Sam Duberley, Investment Manager at Rcapital

Temple Lifts, established in 1987, swiftly gained renown for its expertise in handling intricate lift modernisation projects, a feat that facilitated the expansion of their maintenance portfolio across Greater London. Their commitment to delivering a dependable and technically adept service at affordable rates allowed them to grow their maintenance portfolio and operational areas further.

Presently, Temple Lifts oversees more than 6,000 lifts and escalators under various maintenance contracts, catering to customers from diverse sectors. With a dedicated workforce of over 160 professionals, they operate from three regional offices, effectively serving their clientele.

In 2017, Temple Lifts underwent an acquisition by Hitachi, Ltd., bolstering their position in the UK market and presenting new opportunities for growth and development. The incorporation of Hitachi’s values of Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering Spirit complemented Temple’s original values that have been in place since its inception.

With over 35 years of experience in the lift maintenance sector, Temple Lifts has forged a robust reputation for providing dependable and technically proficient services at competitive prices. They extend their services nationwide from their headquarters in Bromley, Greater London, and additional locations in Havant and Stoke on Trent, attending to approximately 5,000 lifts and escalators, serving various sectors.

Temple Lifts boasts a highly efficient and experienced team of installation, maintenance, and modernisation specialists. They meticulously care for lifts of diverse makes and ages installed in buildings ranging from two-storey care homes to high-rise commercial and residential structures. Additionally, they prioritise the safety and reliability of passenger movement by maintaining and modernising escalators.

Temple Lifts’ steadfast dedication to providing exceptional service continues to be the driving force behind their success and makes them the preferred choice for lift maintenance solutions in the UK market.

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