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Making an impact by thinking differently

We transform and grow businesses by seeing potential in complex situations, connecting people and delivering results. Sweeping levels of change requires new thinking, deep collaboration and transformative strategies delivered with rigour and expertise. It’s how we have earned our reputation as the leading turnaround and special situations investor to the UK mid-market.


We bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial and analytical thinking. Our skilled people get to the heart of the issues quickly, help management teams deliver bold solutions and provide the right level of support every step of the way.

Trust and confidence

We’re proud of our long track record of deploying investment and growth capital, effective crisis leadership and delivering over 70 successful turnarounds.

Bold solutions

Our creative solutions are backed up with action. We unearth deep rooted challenges and work alongside management teams, without judgement, to activate change, develop people and create value.

Our Portfolio

Meet Our Friendly Team

Beth Berry

Compliance and Finance

“I have daily interaction with the management teams and our operators in the portfolio and aim to provide a great service, and at the same time aim to find the right balance between being professional but having some fun in the process. It really is a great team at Rcapital.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Jamie Constable


“Since 2004, we have invested in more than 70 businesses for transformation, turnaround and growth. We structure straightforward deals to resolve complex situations. Our ambition is always to work alongside management teams to grow value so that everyone involved can share in success.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

James Warburton

Operating Partner - CTO

“At Rcapital we care about the organisations we invest in. We see the difference technology can make and actively introduce best of breed solutions to our investments.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Mark Young

Operating Partner - Finance

“Rcapital see each business as unique – with no predefined approach. This ensures the right team, funding structure and all round solution is delivered for growth.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Jerome Reyes


“At Rcapital things just don’t fall into place by accident – successful turnarounds happen by great people working together as a team, hard work and real determination.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Chris Campbell


“My time at Rcapital has been fast moving, challenging but exhilarating. We work closely with a range of trusted advisors and partners to focus on the key issues, building relationships with the management, before investing our own money. We really can execute in a matter of days.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Nick Alexander

Operating Partner

“To make a positive change you need to know the right questions rather than have all the right answers. Every situation is different – with different people and demands a different approach. For me, the thrill is to work alongside companies that overcome their challenges and achieve the success they deserve.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Lewis Burnham


“Rcapital is an expert in providing commercial solutions to challenging situations. The team has significant experience and a proven track record in supporting entrepreneurial businesses achieve their potential.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Alex John

Investor Relations

“Rcapital has built a reputation as the go-to investor in the SME segment of the special situations market. The team have a highly specialised combination of M&A, restructuring and operational turnaround capabilities that creates value and manages risk in complex situations.”

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Meet our friendly team

Phil Emmerson


"We have the courage and confidence to invest our own capital into opportunities where others may not see the potential value. We focus on working with great management teams to improve businesses for the long-term."

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ash reek

Meet Our Friendly Team

Ash Reek

Operating partner

“The success of any turnaround is about relationships and trust. I bring my skills and experience from delivering strategy in highly competitive environments. I work alongside management teams to ensure that the right things are done by people with the skills and determination that will drive sustainable growth and profitability.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Yee Won Lam

Legal Counsel

“We don’t just turn businesses around, we grow them.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Jo Clay

Executive assistant

“Everyone at Rcapital enjoys what they do and they want to share that enthusiasm with others – it’s a great team to be part of!”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Jen Smith

Operating Partner - Marketing & PR

“Rcapital is able to harness the rare blend of turnaround leadership, entrepreneurship and people skills to stimulate action and inspire others to be a part of the journey. It has been fantastic to partner with a team dedicated to success and leadership in their market.”

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Meet Our Friendly Team

Josie Richardson


Rcapital is committed to investment in all regions of the UK. We bring the best people with the right expertise and skills to each investment with a view to enhancing value and creating a positive impact.

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Sam Duberley


“We have a proven track-record of collaborating with management teams, advisors and other stakeholders to restore profitability and generate value across mid-market special situations.”

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ash reek
Matt Swan
  • Stressed or distressed mid-market businesses
  • Profitable or loss making
  • Bolt-on opportunities for Rcapital portfolio companies
  • Carve-outs of non-core subsidiaries
  • Difficult shareholder, business or management dynamics
  • Shareholder / management looking for an exit from a business or sector
  • Headquartered in UK or Northern Europe
  • Turnover £5m-£250m
  • Looking for up to £20m investment
  • Established business (rather than start up)
  • Quick response when urgent funding is required
  • A solution for a challenging sale process
  • Clean exit for a vendor where a sale process has failed
  • Flexible and creative approach to complex deals and deal structures
  • Speed and certainty in special situations
  • Financial and operational support for MBO/MBI teams
  • A solution for time-consuming / non-core subsidiaries