New manufacturing process transforms cold-drawn wire

Well-known UK manufacturer and supplier of premium wire, Wrexham Wire, have recently developed a new method of manufacturing polymer-coated, cold-drawn steel wire for use in the cold forming of fasteners.

Located on the Wrexham Industrial Estate in North Wales, Wrexham Wire manufacture products from mild steel, boron and alloy grades, to suit many applications and specifications distributed both in the UK and internationally.

Wrexham Wire have developed a unique in-line coating procedure which creates a more uniform application of the polymer. This improved manufacturing process has transformed the operating consistency for the end user. There are huge benefits from using Polymer coated wire including:

· Increased output due to enhanced lubrication characteristics facilitate high production speeds and multiple forming steps

· Reduced cold forming tool wear which is a major cost saving and reduces downtime

· Reduced process temperature because the parts run cooler

Wrexham Wire’s customers are already reporting back on the huge success of this new product. “It is currently being used by one of our German customer supplying automotive fasteners. I am pleased to report the polymer-coated wire is achieving >25% increase in output and a >15% improvement in tool wear. This outperforms a similar product offering from our competitors. The set-up cost was around 20% of the traditional method.” Commented Bernard Darlington, CEO at Wrexham Wire.

 This North West based business is expecting a significant uplift in interest and demand in this new polymer-coated wire for the fast and efficient production of standard, special and custom shaped components.

For more information about Wrexham Wire visit, www.wrexhamwire.co.uk

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