System Training UK Labour Supply & Training

System Training

Date Bought: February 2016

Industry: Labour Supply & Training

Location: Bury, Lancashire, UK


“We chose Rcapital as our investor because of their track record in growing businesses. They had a really personal approach in getting to know me and my team and really buying into us as our business.”
Darren Cunningham, CEO, System Group

System Group is one of the UK’s leading and most innovative training providers.

They are the only national logistics training provider delivering skills solutions to some of the largest logistics businesses, utility companies, military, central and local government to large and small private businesses.

Systems Training work closely with employers to support people who are looking to get back to work providing them with the skills and new opportunities to secure employment.

System Group also offer a range of cutting edge apprenticeship programmes, they work with people to develop the skills and experience to start a career in a logistics or to excel in their current roles.