A&GP Trading UK IT networking, cabling and power products

A&GP Trading

Date Bought: June 2016

Industry: Distributor of IT network cabling

Location: Camberley, Surrey, UK

Website: www.cablenet.co.uk

Website: www.connectorco.com

Website: www.netshop.co.uk

A&GP Trading - UK Distributor Of IT Network Cabling Logo

“The main reason I chose Rcapital was because, from the first moment I met them, their professionalism, speed of understanding of our needs and their commitment to invest impressed me. This left me with the confidence to entrust them with growing my business to the long term benefit of all parties involved. I am delighted to say that this initial impression of Rcapital has been more than borne out, by the support and involvement they have shown to our business.”
Peter Pearson CEO

A&GP Trading is a leading importer and distributor of IT networking, cabling and power products operating across the UK, trading under a number of brands including Cablenet and Cablelines.

Rcapital made significant working capital funding available to enable the business to meet anticipated growth throughout 2016.

The formerly privately owned business employs over 50 members of staff in the UK. Rcapital’s investment has enabled incumbent CEO Peter Pearson to progress plans to further develop the business and take advantage of significant growth opportunities. Rcapital has also introduced a Chairman and CFO to further strengthen the management team.