Green’s sizeable investment doubles finning capacity

Green’s is the market technology leader in the design and fabrication of economisers, waste heat boilers, land and marine boilers, steam air heaters and other pressure parts. Their products and services are exported around the world from their 4,800m2 factory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. By using specialist equipment and the latest waste heat recovery technology produced by Green’s, industrial, power generating and marine companies to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and save money.

Earlier this month Green’s celebrated the commissioning of their new H finning machine. This now means Green’s has two machines of the four known to be operating across Europe, and double the finning capacity. A sizeable investment with equipment from local engineering firm Labrerts Engineering and others and most importantly the skills of their internal team.

Green’s have also rebranded and relaunched their website over the last few weeks to further support Green’s bold expansion ambitions. For more information please visit http://greenspower.co.uk 

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